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Autumn Family Photo Session

For this session I wanted a quiet setting that showcased the changing leaves and beauty of the season. We decided on Gun Lake State Park near Middleville, Michigan for the location for this family photo session.

We walked around a bit and took photos in three areas of the park. Cassie and Josh showed up looking great and had their daughter dressed in an adorable stylish outfit. Scroll through the photos for more of this family’s beautiful story.


We had this area of the park to ourselves for the most part which made for very peaceful session by the lake. The baby was so well behaved and sweet the entire time. She seemed to be simply taking in the scene around us and is always happy to be with her mom and dad.

I brought some apple cider for us to have drink from mugs during the shoot. Luckily the cider was cooled off by the time we wanted to have some and we were able to include this in some of the photos. I love how they turned out!


Cassie and Josh have had quite the journey since they have been married. You only see one baby in the photos above because their first daughter, Eslyn Mae, was born still on July 29, 2015 due to a medical condition. These loving parents still keep her memory alive every day and wanted to somehow include her in their family photos. They have her photo below in some of the photos. Cassie also asked if I would create a photo with a “shadow” walking along with them. This is not something I had done before but we are happy with how it turned out. Their story is so special and shown here in such a beautiful way. I am thankful that this family chose me to take these photos.



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  1. Such Amazing family and photos showing there love, strength ♡

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